Ikontent Digital Europe

We feel fortunate for having had the possibility to create hundreds of successful digital projects and campaigns in cooperation with our customers in 15 countries within Europe and Australia during the last nine years.

We are

Ikontent is a digital agency with developing value increased digital services as main focus.
We have covered the following areas so far:

  • Web development, e.g.: webshop, banner, microsite, application, portal
  • Design and development of IT tools
  • UX consultancy
  • Graphic design (on- and offline), UI design
  • Digital marketing strategies and services
  • Online service development
  • Application development for mobile devices
  • Planning and management of campaigns, creative concepts, landing page optimisation
  • Content development
  • Virus- and guerrilla marketing, viral films
  • Social marketing, Facebook, Linkedin etc. application development
  • Online and television advertising films, image-films

Our favourite projects

We are privileged to have the opportunity to work together with the most pleasant clients on the most exciting projects.
Below are the nine, which made us the proudest so far for different reasons.
Let’s hope your company will supersede one of them.

As we found this list of nine incomplete, we made another one of the organisations, who we have had the chance to collaborate with and hold in just as high regard:


We feel privileged for making our living from “love projects”.
We believe it is important to contribute to the numerous causes we also love.
In the past few years we helped the following organisations with donation, web development and consultancy:


Drop us a mail or give Andi a call. She is nice.

+36 70 3757 730

Nagy Andrea